December 21, 2012: Future Opportunity for the World, Not the End

December 21, 2012, said to be the end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count, has been cited prophetically recently in everything from the History Channel to a television advertisement by Matt Damon. Most credible sources seem to indicate that December 21st constitutes the end of one astronomical cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Just as the 2,000-year Age of Aquarius, which some say began in approximately 1998, is said to bring global communication, new technology, and an opportunity for humans to begin to experience the brotherhood of man, December 21st faces mankind with a choice. I believe we have an opportunity to write the script for mankind to be harder, or write it to be easier.

With a growing human population, climate change, potentially diminishing resources and increasing global financial and communication interrelations, we are affected almost immediately by situations occurring on the other side of the planet. I feel December 22 is a time to hit the “reset” button or not.

While we humans no doubt will keep many of our national and cultural affiliations, we have the capability to move beyond personal or national immediate gain and advantage, and to compromise and cooperate. We can use our technology with wisdom to protect the Earth and provide for our populations. Or we can be fearful, greedy or exploitative and perpetuate a zero-sum-game. It’s our choice.

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