Q: What will happen when I come to a reading?

A: For an in-person interview, you come to my office at the agreed time and have a seat in the waiting room if you are a bit early or I’m not quite ready. You’ll come into my office and have a seat at my reading table, I’ll cue up your CD recording and spend about one minute giving my disclaimer, which includes, for example, “I’m not 100% accurate, I work for God and do the best I can, and I’m not a Doctor, Psychologist, Attorney, etc.” Then I’ll ask if you are right or left-handed, and will look at and interpret your jewelry and the outfit you are wearing. Then I will spend time on your palm and as I sense what areas are troublesome, I will intuit, using the regular deck of cards and possibly the pendulum to make specific comments and predictions.

You are welcome to ask specific questions along the way, or bring a topic up if I do not seem to be covering something that is important. At the end I will finalize and give you the CD, and you can pay the fee with cash, a check or a credit card. You may also elect to be on my private mailing list to which I send my class schedules.

Q: Where do you get your information?

A: I work for God, my Spirit Guides and my clients’ Spirit Guides.

Q: Do you give negative or scary information or predict death?

A: I always try to be loving and supportive of my clients. Time of death I believe is between the person and God, and I don’t usually get situations like death, divorce, car wrecks, plane crashes, and I don’t like to get into solving crimes or finding bodies. However, I don’t tend to pull punches, and if I do sense or see something negative, I believe my job is to warn the client and see if there is a way to avoid the event. While as I said, I don’t predict time of death, if I see a difficult or dark period or health situation, I will advise my client to be especially careful during that particular period. Often their vigilance is enough to change the future situation.

Q: How accurate are your readings?

A: Generally over the years I’ve been told that in person my readings are about 85%-90% accurate and over the phone about 80%-85% with the things that the client knows, and I’ve had feedback that a lot of the future predictions come true.

Occasionally I’ll have clients say I was 99%, and that’s wonderful, but I don’t expect that.

Q: How much is “fate” or how much can change?

A: Edgar Cayce, when asked about the accuracy of Palmistry, Astrology or Numerology reportedly said, “20% is fixed, and 80% is changeable.” In my experience over many decades, we humans tend to be afraid, stuck or stubborn, keeping something like 80% and changing 20%. So due to interpretive error, reader blind spots and a tremendous possibility for free will choice, no reader can expect to be 100% accurate, and there is a lot of latitude for changing our future.

Q: Why do you read the regular deck of playing cards and not the Tarot?

A: Back in the 1960s, when I was getting started, there were only about four Tarot decks commonly available. They tended to have some violent scenes with swords, disasters and hanged people, which maybe triggered some unpleasant past-life associations for me. I found the regular deck less culturally loaded, and over the years the individual cards and combinations “speak” to me like reading a language or music.

Q: Do you read feet?

A: Believe it or not, this question comes up. Some of you have seen drawings of symbols presumably recorded from the feet of the Buddha, and I know those can also be interpreted, but I have never studied that. However, I do some reading of the lines on the face, and interpret wounds, scars and birthmarks on the body.

Q: Do you accept walk-in clients?

A: I normally work by appointment, and book by phone a few days in advance. But, if I have a last-minute cancelation which we cannot fill, someone could call and may be able to get in the same day.

Q: Do you give lectures?

A: In addition to scheduled workshops in my classroom, I have given presentations, lectures and mini-workshops to many metaphysical, professional and social service organizations.

Q: Do you do parties or special events?

A: I do parties for individuals, small companies, corporations, and professional and social service organizations. In those settings I do mini-palm and psychic readings throughout the event. Please contact the office for pricing information.