Modalities Used for Readings


I have been doing palmistry and psychic reading since 1966 and full-time professionally since 1986. I employ palmistry, which indicates big-picture, life-long influences as well as many specific experiences and events, to give me a ‘map’ of the potential you brought to this life, what you have actually done, and what you are programming for your future.

The hands also contain information relating to what may be past lifetimes, karma, and spiritual and psychic abilities and issues.

Psychic Intuitive Impressions

When I meet a client, I sense things and clairvoyantly ‘see’ with my mind’s eye images or situations around them. I sometimes see physical locations or places where they have been or will be going, and what they may be doing. I often perceive around the person what appear to be ‘movies’ around them, which I feel may be from a previous time or place. This occurs frequently as I am looking at a client’s palm. If a client has a loved one who is deceased, I find that if they tell me the person’s name and their age at the time of passing, I’m usually able to contact them and normally receive visual or thought impressions which I give to the client.

Body Scanning

I learned many years ago that I seemed to be physically empathic and could feel energy, pains, tightness or difficulties in the bodies of others. I also employ psychic “body scanning” for viewing areas of difficulty or even in some cases negative energy or thought-form attachments on the energy fields of clients. I use and teach psychic healing techniques to remove attachments and to cleanse and energize the affected areas.

Reading the Regular Deck of Cards

I have been reading the regular deck of playing cards since about 1969, and use them for gaining short and intermediate-term present and future guidance in areas such as: relationships, love life, career and career choices, finances, real estate, health and a variety of life choices in general.

In a more esoteric vein for example, I use the cards to do a reading on a client’s Seven Major Chakras (energy areas) to determine an individual’s progress or blockages in life.

Interpreting Clothing & Jewelry

I also interpret the clothing and jewelry that an individual wears to a session, to gauge what they are dealing with or how they are feeling that day or that week. I look at the colors and patterns of clothing and where they are on the body. I also note the colors, patterns and location of the jewelry, as well as the number of rings or accessories, and the number of components in earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

Interpreting Dream Symbols & Waking Events

I believe all people, things and situations in life are connected. I also believe that every event in life is a part of the ‘script’ of, and a partial reflection of all the individuals related to the event. In other words, every being or situation around us is a reflection of some piece of us. Dreams are multidimensional depictions of past, present or future influences in our lives. Paraphrasing Edgar Cayce, a dream not interpreted is like a letter from your subconscious unopened. I also believe daily waking events are reflective and predictive as well. In my experience, information obtained through analyzing daily events can be even more clear, concrete and direct than dreams, which can be more complex and multilevel.

Dowsing With the Crystal Pendulum

I use the crystal pendulum for determining the answers to yes/no questions, but it can also give a ‘maybe’ or ‘not clear’ answer. Pendulum Dowsing is similar to the process used by ‘water witchers’ who use a forked stick to find water or minerals under the ground. I even rely on the pendulum in my own life and as they say, I ‘don’t leave home without one’ in my pocket.