How to Make a Good Living as a Professional Psychic
By Joe Nicols, M.A.
© 1999 Tranquility Press
$17.95 (Includes tax & standard shipping.)

Have you ever considered transforming your meta-physical hobbies into a lucrative career? Have you ever wanted to share your psychic gift with the wider world? Have you ever wondered “why not?” If the answer is “yes,” then this is the book for you.

How to Make a Good Living as a Professional Psychic offers you detailed business insights from a full-time psychic and palmist whose practice grosses over six figures annually. Designed for anyone considering full- or part-time professional psychic work, this book will also benefit the business practices of a wide range of metaphysical and holistic professionals, including massage therapists, healers and energy workers. It includes valuable tips on:

  • Deciding if pro psychic work is for you
  • Selecting a place to work
  • Efficiently organizing your practice
  • Developing your professional image
  • Getting the most advertising bang for your buck
  • Scheduling and connecting with your clients
  • Using psychic techniques to manifest money
  • Discovering new income opportunities

Psychic Development: Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
By Joe Nicols, M.A.
© 2003
$17.95 (Includes tax & standard shipping.)

Track One: Beginning Psychic Development
Basic introductory techniques and tension release.

Track Two: Psychic Development: Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Both visualization meditations accompanied by soothing music composed by Sissy Siero. (

This CD is designed to assist anyone who has an interest in developing their own psychic ability, from beginner to advanced. The techniques used herein are a culmination of experiences gained through decades of personal questing and many years of professional psychic development presentations.